"Those who live in the hearts of others never die"
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This website for the Abi Kattel Memorial Foundation was established in memory of Abi. He was just 22 when he died on Dec. 19, 2005, in Orlando, Florida. This foundation was launched knowing that “Those Who Live in the Hearts of Others Never Die, To honor and remember Abi’s understanding, compassion and acceptance. In this approach, his dreams, beliefs and aspiration will live on.

Abi Kattel’s philosophy of life

Abi was a well-respected member of a society for his benevolent behavior. The positive attitude and helping nature were the best reflections of how he believed life should be lived. It showed that Abi took true indulgence in working hard to help others, regardless of their age or background.

This Foundation is dedicated to Abi’s philosophy by promoting diverse projects that bring happiness, health and quality life to others. This includes scholarships to students, educational outreach, and programs benefiting the homeless, blood donation, and youth sports and youth communication.

Please get in-depth information going through each section and help us to improve this website and the foundation by sending us your suggestions and comments. We will update this website every time with your suggestions.

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